I recently spent a week in Saba, a 5 square mile Caribbean island for an assignement. Saba is part of the Netherlands and is a potentially active volcano (although the last eruption was said to be around 5,000 years ago).

There is only one road on Saba called "The Road", and it is narrow and hardly ever straight or flat. Because of the volcanic rock and geography, there aren't really any beaches or easy areas to swim. The lush landscape was just returning to its original state after the hurricanes passed through in September.

Saba also has the shortest landing strip in the world, and isn't the easiest or cheapest of the Caribbean islands to get to, so it remains a relatively tourist-free place to go. We enjoyed hiking, exploring the old abandoned buildings (the "ruins"), swinging on vines in the jungle, and roaming through the neighborhoods.

Below are some photos from our stay!


Happy Monday! One of the best things about moving to Portland is making new friends! Heidi and I connected on Instagram where I had fallen in love with her design sense and amazing home in the West End. Now, months later, we're teaming up for some exciting new things and I had the opportunity to photograph her kitchen for a feature on Domino.

Also, vote for her for best amateur kitchen on Remodelista here!

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 10.34.30 AM.png


I've been wanting an excuse to stay at the Lincolnville Motel since it opened and it finally happened! I packed up the car and headed up the coast for a collaboration with the Curator, and spent the evening at the motel after shooting all day by the pool and the tennis courts at the Camden Snow Bowl. My daughter absolutely loved the pool and the giant floaties, and my dog had such fun running around the grounds and exploring. (And he didn't want to leave after...)

Below are some photos from the sweet little common rooms and cabins!

We can't wait to go back!


My poor blog has been a bit neglected as I undergo a large web edit and revamp which will be happening in the next couple of months! But I wanted to share a recent shoot I did for Domino Magazine. Briana and Andrew Volk of Portland Hunt & Alpine bought a foreclosure that was in dire need of rehab and a little TLC. The architect was the son of the famous John Calvin Stevens and the house's design definitely showcases the same aesthetic.

You can read more about the home and renovation on Domino here.

More pictures from the shoot below!