A few months ago I received an email from the creative director at Middlebury Magazine requesting a shoot for a woman named Kelly Brush who is an alumni now living in Maine. I wrote back that I would be delighted and she sent me further info on Kelly. A skier from as early as she could walk, she eventually began competing and joined the Middlebury ski team while in college. During a race, her ski edge got caught and sent her through the air where she collided with part of the ski lift, paralyzing her from the waist down.

The injury did not hold her back or dampen her spirits. In fact, the accident inspired the launch of the Kelly Brush Foundation, which Kelly founded while still in college. It promotes ski safety and also provides adaptive sports equipment for injured athletes so they can continue to train and compete. Kelly's then boyfriend and now husband, Zeke, serves as executive director.

I was anxious to meet both Kelly and Zeke and soak up some of the amazing spirit and positive energy exuding from both of them, and I was not let down. Despite Kelly's injury, she is most likely one of the strongest and most positive person I have met. We spent a morning together chatting and walking around their neighborhood which is bordered by a beautiful golf course.

The Kelly Brush Foundation is celebrating its 10th year and Kelly and Zeke are expecting their first child (a girl!) this summer! It's a big year for these two and I was so happy to be able to capture their spirit, the love they have for one another, and the beautiful life they have built together.

You can (and should!) read the full article here. Such an inspiring team those two make!

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