A couple of weeks ago I was asked to shoot an interior for a very different purpose than my usual. I was contacted by the family members of a woman in her 90's who had recently passed away. Before the house was picked apart and sold, they wanted to document the space as it was left to have the opportunity to look back and remember all the nooks and crannies and special corners she had created.

Approaching an interior shoot with the purpose of really and truly documenting the space as-is for the sole purpose of creating lasting memories for the family felt like such an incredible honor. As a photographer who specializes in photographing spaces, I have never had as much emotion behind my images as I did shooting this. I felt like I was preserving a space forever. A time capsule. I loved the couch cushions that looked like someone had just sat reading a book there, the bath towels hanging imperfectly and waiting for their next use, the crooked paintings on the walls, and the incredible look of life in a now empty home. 

Here are some images I captured during my shoot. The house is now empty and being passed on to its new owner.