The project "Nightlights" started when I was a passenger in the car, traveling slowly at night behind a big tour bus. The various bright red lights on the back of the bus were such a contrast to the black night sky. The full moon was also out, which added another element to the night's atmosphere. I've always wanted to create photographs that seemed to exist in another realm altogether: using the same medium as my main body of work, but in an entirely different way creating results that were not photographic or representational, but more a type of digital artwork.

By playing with the lights in the night sky, always on the road as a passenger, capturing a fleeting moment and manipulating the camera to produce the shapes, lines, and forms I desire from car lights, sign reflections, street lamps, and houselights, the project "Nightlights" was born and will continue to evolve, capturing night street scenes through country roads, small towns, and large cities in a way not seen by the human eye.